Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Man charged with murder after he was spotted driving while beating infant in car seat

A man named Daniel Cox from Kentucky has been arrested and charged with murder after he was seen beating his 4-month-old son while driving on a highway. Daniel had taken the infant from his mum to go for a visit with his family but was later seen by another motorist beating the boy, who was in a car seat, in the face and chest. The infant (pictured above) later died in hospital.
The eye witness named Dena Stevenson told WLKY-TV, that they saw Daniel driving and beating the child. She said she followed him for miles, and watched helplessly as he continued to beat the child. The woman called police but before police could catch up with Daniel, he drove to his baby mama's residence, handed the boy over to her and fled ..

The baby mama Chrystie said she screamed when she saw the condition her son was in. "Jayceon was “black and blue and unresponsive; he had no pulse and his eye was swollen shut.”  she said

“He dropped my child off almost two hours later, beat up all black and blue,” she wrote in a protective she filed against Cox Friday. “I called 911 as soon as I seen my son.”

Police caught up to Cox in Louisville. He was taken into custody without incident and charged with assault.

Jayceon, who was transported to a hospital in Louisville, was declared brain dead and taken off life support on Saturday. Cox’s charge was upgraded to murder.

The coroner said the cause of death was “inflicted traumatic injury to the head.”

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