Sunday, 27 September 2015

A 20 year old woman arrested for 'molesting' a sea turtle she was riding on

 A 20 year old woman, Stephanie Moore sitting over a sea turtle, apparently riding it, on a beach surfaced in July and sparked outrage and has been arrested.
Animal rights activists were furious at the creature being used for joke photographs and claimed the woman's actions could have harmed the beast.
In the United States it is illegal to interfere with sea turtle nesting.

As the outrage grew, the photo was shared hundreds of ties on social media in the US and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission began an investigation.

The Melbourne Police Department posted the photo of Moore riding the turtle on their facebook page and said the 20-year-old has been arrested after officers responded to a "disturbance".
They said: "During the course of this investigation, officers encountered a subject with an active felony warrant.
"The felony warrant was in reference to a county court capias request reference possess, sell, molest marine turtle or eggs nest.
"The subject was one of the females seen taking photographs on the sea turtles and identified as Stephanie Marie Moore.
"Moore was arrested on the active warrant and taken to the Brevard County Jail where she will be held on a $2,000 bond."

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