Wednesday, 30 September 2015

"she's a snack not the main course with a ring" - Wendy

In the latest episode of her talk-show, Wendy Williams threw major shade at Erica Mena who recently parted ways with Bow Wow after she shared on social media how she suffered a miscarriage. Wendy used words like "ratchet" and "hooker" to describe the Love and Hip Hop star. Erica of course clapped back at her on Twitter. First, below is what the outspoken host said:
"She’s really only known for being on that ratchet show Love & Hip Hop. A very lovely girl from what I know, I don’t really know her but very good-looking woman. But when Bow Wow got engaged to her after only dating for a few months, I was gagging. Are you serious? Bow Wow, your mum is going to flip.
I know guys like girls like that but they normally don’t bring them home. And they definitely don’t engage them with a ring. Sorry Erica. Well, they got engaged but you know I said that they would never actually get married. I mean she’s pretty for a hooker." She added: "She’s a snack not the main course with a ring."
Erica took to twitter to clapback at Wendy. She wrote: "Wendy loves to discuss everyones relationship but her own very abusive one"

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