Monday, 28 September 2015

Coco Austin's growing baby bump?

For those wondering where Coco's growing baby bump is, you're not alone. Many on social media began commenting on the photo above praising the talk-show host's figure and asking what her secret is to such a small stomach this far along in her pregnancy journey.

In a recent pregnancy blog exclusively for E! News, Coco insisted that she has a "baby lump" while admitting she's the most "unpregnant pregnant person."
"I don't have anything to prove to anyone. My stomach is growing slowly," she wrote. "Once my stomach really starts growing, they're not going to be doubting."

While both Coco and Ice-T prepare for the birth of baby Chanel this December, the couple is still managing to have plenty of fun together.
"Shoe closet yoga pic! Sister love is the best! Turn the pic upside down & we make a heart! Aww..(Fyi- yes, i'm almost 6 months pregnant)" the talk show host wrote of the pic. 

The blond beauty posted this pic and admitted "So u ask where is my baby bump? Well, basically its going ALL to my boobs."
Surprisingly, she's been responding to some of her fans who've been asking her questions about her 'non-existant' baby bump.

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