Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How To Know If you can downgrade Your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV (IPSW Firmwares Still Signed by Apple)

Typically, Apple would stop signing for the previous versions of iOS firmware, but just keep signing the latest iOS. So once we upgrade to the latest version, such as the current 8.1.1, we can not downgrade back to the previous 8.0 ,7.0,6.1.2, 5.1.1 and other older versions. So when you want to downgrade your device back to those old firmware, Apple’s server will not authenticate the firmware, and the device will go back to a recovery mode, to force you restore the latest firmware.
So how to check which firmware is still being signed by Apple? You can simply check the firmware status through this website
If the Signing status is “Yes”, then it means that your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV) can be downgraded to this firmware via iTunes, If no Sorry Noting Can Be done
You can also click on “Beta Firmware” to view which beta version is available for downgrading, for example, now you can downgrade iOS 8.1.1 , but can not downgrade back to b4, b3 or earlier beta versions.
If you’re already jailbroken, you may find doing a fresh install and jailbreak a bit unnecessary. But if you’re not jailbroken, or if you’re still running iOS 7.1.2, it’s time to take the jump over to iOS 8.1. You can download the 8.1 firmware directly from our right now.
Before you even begin this process, however, I advise you to bookmark this page to check up on the signing status of iOS 8.1. If Apple is still signing iOS 8.1 prior to your restore, you can proceed. But if it no longer signing iOS 8.1, it’s best that you stay planted where you currently are.
What will you do now that iOS 8.1.1 is now upon us?

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