Tuesday, 29 September 2015

{photos} Vin Diesel announces Fast and Furious 8, 9, and 10

If you thought Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters drama on Twitter was something, wait until you hear about what Vin Diesel said on Facebook.

The Chronicles of Riddick and The Fast and The Furious star loves posting on Facebook. Sometimes it is about his movies, sometimes it is about his fans, sometimes it is just random Facebook things. The guy is engaged or probably has an active team of people making sure he looks engaged at all times.

Then, you have the Fast and Furious franchise, which made over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office earlier this year with Furious 7, the final film featuring founding franchise member Paul Walker. Of course, with the big money Furious 7 brought in, the not-small amount of money that Universal Pictures invested in finishing Furious 7 after Paul Walker’s unexpected death in an off-set car crash didn’t seem to be an issue anymore. James Wan, who directed Furious 7 ,was rumored to have turned down directorial duties when Universal came knocking for more Fast and Furious. Supposedly they also tried to offer the gig to Justin Lin, who had directed three Fast and Furious movies before James Wan, and he also turned it down.

Point being, it seemed like no one wanted to direct Furious 8, no matter how much Universal wanted a Furious 8. This began to put the question of Furious 8’s existence as part of the main franchise in question.

Vin Diesel would like you to question no longer. Not only is Vin going to reunite as much of the Fast and Furious family as he can, but he will personally tell the world when a director has been hired (via his Facebook, of course) and that there won’t just be a Furious 8 to wrap up the franchise, there will be a franchise-ending trilogy of films.

This is what he posted along with this smiling picture of himself:

Vin Diesel has spoken. He insists everything I just asserted about previous Fast and Furious directors turning down the gig is wrong and he says that there will be one last trilogy to end the saga. To be fair, we might have been wrong about the directors, but very few people saw Furious 8-10 coming.

Well, maybe the die-hard fans did. In the Fast and Furious timeline, the third movie to be released (Tokyo Drift) actually takes place between after Fast 6. This would allow the lead character of Tokyo Drift, played by Lucas Black, to join the Fast and Furious family in Paul Walkers place. Black’s character Sean popped up in Furious 7 and way back in 2013, /film reported on the character being signed for a trilogy of movies.

 If you were a Sean from Tokyo Drift fan, you might have seen a Fast and Furious trilogy coming. The rest of us just got the news as a benefit of being Facebook friends with Vin Diesel.

Although it may seem ridiculous to draw out the tale of Dom Toretto and his merry band of car-obsessives, a quick look at Box Office Mojo reveals that all Furious 8 has to do is fart in the direction of the box office to push the worldwide franchise gross over $4 billion dollars.

If Vin Diesel and company are sitting on a massive, 300 page trilogy script that involves more fast cars taking on tanks and/or dropping out of planes, it seems like the world is rabid to get our Vin Diesel starved eyes on it.

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