Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The family of James McNair's comes for Tracy Morgan following appearance at Emmys

James McNair is the man who died after a Walmart truck slammed into a limo-bus carrying him, comedian Tracy Morgan and others on the New Jersey turnpike last year. James was Tracy's mentor and comedy writing partner and during his Emmy Awards appearance this past Sunday, Trace failed to mention his late writing partner on stage, sending his family into a rage. James McNair's son Jamel wrote in an angry Facebook post that has since been deleted;

"You take the Emmy stage and give a speech and tell jokes in front of thousands of people. But you don't show up to celebrate the life of your best friend 'Uncle Jimmy Mack' at his (June 12) Honor, send a smoke signal, give a call, text, send a damn pigeon."
Mack's sister tells NY Daily News,
"I understand it's been a great ordeal for Tracy over the last 15 months. I just feel in some form or fashion, he should have acknowledged my brother - his mentor - because he lost his life."
"I know there's a healing process, mentally and emotionally. I'm sure being in that limo and seeing certain things, it was highly traumatic for him. But just take a minute along the way to acknowledge my brother. He has children, siblings, a big family all bearing that same pain."

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