Thursday, 29 October 2015

11 die after boat carrying over 240 refugees sinks while arriving the island of Lesbos :Photos

At least 11 people, mostly children, have drowned after a refugee boat carrying more than 240 migrants capsized near the island of Lesbos on Wednesday, October 28. More than 200 were rescued, three bodies recovered and 38 people are believed to be still missing. 
The tragedy started when the upper deck of an over packed fishing boat collapsed on top of those packed below. Following the collapse, a second boat accidentally rammed the boat carrying the refugees, sending hundreds into the Aegean sea.
Trace Myers, a volunteer in Lesbos with the charity Refugees Start, wrote on Facebook:
     "Today is a day of death. Members of this team have worked relentlessly to give CPR, support grieving people and have watched life pass from children’s eyes."
"A woman lost her baby and her husband, another woman saw her three- or four-year-old child die and her other child rushed to hospital." she added. 
Dozens of paramedics and volunteers helped in the effort to assist the survivors. The survivors were wrapped in foil blankets. Eighteen children were hospitalized. Rescue efforts continued this morning with a helicopter from the European Boarder Protection Agency, Frontex, joining the Greek coast guard vessels to search for survivors and recover dead bodies.

Photo credit: AFP/Proactive Serv

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