Saturday, 24 October 2015

4 year old boy takes loaded gun into his nursery school class

A mum and dad were arrested after their four-year-old son took a loaded gun to his nursery school.

Police were called after the child showed the pistol to a classmate.

It is believed he picked it up in the car as his mum drove him to Amite Elementary School in Amite City, Louisiana.

Police Chief Jerry Trabona said: “I’m assuming she had it laying on the seat and he reached down there, got it and put it in his book sack.

“ She doesn’t remember where the gun was .” He added: “If the baby would have been thinking it’s a play gun and shot somebody with it, you don’t know where that bullet is going.

“It was a semi-automatic. If he’d have pulled it, he could have pulled it again. There was another bullet ready to go.”

Parents Kenji Steptow, 36, and Kenisha Steptow, 30, are facing a child desertion rap, the toughest charge allowed by US law. Their son, who has not been named, is being looked after by family. Cops said the gun was registered.

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