Tuesday, 6 October 2015

“I did this so that he could pay my bride price" - Woman who stole friend's baby in Lagos

On Tuesday, the Lagos State Police Command paraded 26 year old Onyebuchi Jennifer, the lady who was arrested in Anambra State for stealing her friend's 9 month old baby in Lagos State.
She said she stole the baby in the Ajegunle area of Lagos and fled to Anambra State so that her bf could pay her bride price and marry her.

According to Punch Metro: Jennifer, who claimed to be an orphan, said she met and started living with her bf in Anambra State in October 2014, but that he refused to marry her until she had a child for him.
She said:
“My mother died when I was in primary five. My father had died a few years earlier. My parents had two of us; but a few years ago, my elder sister died during childbirth. So, I was left alone in Anambra State without any relation.
“I gave birth to a child in 2010, but he died after six months. Last year, I met a man who promised to marry me after I had had a child for him.
“We started living together in October 2014. I was pregnant, but after three months, I had a miscarriage. I was troubled, and started running after traditional doctors and hospitals, but to no avail. I decided to come to Lagos to work and find a way to get a baby. I came to Lagos in June 2015.
“So, I came to the Ajegunle area and I got a job as a fuel attendant. While I was working, I met the baby’s mother and we became friends.
“On that Saturday, I went to her shop, which was near the filling station. I said I was going to the Boundary area to buy an item and I would carry her baby with me. She did not object. So, I took the baby from her, and boarded a bus to Anambra State to meet my lover.”
Mr and Mrs Adetola and their 9 month old son
Jennifer added that she bought baby foods to keep the boy healthy after lying to her lover that the baby was theirs.
She said:
“I did this so that he could pay my bride price and marry me. I did not tell the baby’s mother that I was taking him to Anambra. We left on Saturday and got to my place on Sunday. I had the intention to bring the baby back after my bride price had been paid. I lied to my husband that I had been pregnant before I left and gave birth to the baby while in Lagos.
“He believed me, and I took good care of the baby for four days before the police showed up in our apartment.
“My lover immediately dissociated himself from me. He had not paid the bride price before the police arrested me.”
The infant’s father, Adeniyi Adetola, was very grateful to the Police to be reunited with his child.
He said:“We are taking the boy to the hospital for further treatment today (Tuesday). The mother and I are happy to have our baby boy back. The baby is my second child, and I appreciate the police for doing a good job on this case. I also appreciate God.”

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