Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Photos: Car falls into giant hole as it opens up in middle of motorway due to 'pavement failure'

A car has ended up head-first in a giant hole which opened up on a motorway slip road.

The driver was going along the road as the 15-foot wide and 2 foot deep hole appeared.

Rescuers first described the incident as a "potential sinkhole" but it soon became clear it was caused by workmen drilling nearby.

Fire crews were sent to the area to rescue the white Honda, and luckily the driver escaped without injury.

Driver Louise Ward, who was caught in tailbacks caused on the Florida motorway, told News 13: "It's kind of a little bit scary.

"Any one of us could have been in that car. It always makes you think, that could have been me."

another photo down...


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