Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Policeman gave us guns idendity card- Suspected robber

The police in Lagos arrested a five-man robbery gang led by a fake policeman in the Abbatoir, Agege area of the state on Sept 28th.
The fake policeman, who identified himself as 58 year old Joel Ojo, said the guns and the police Identity Card recovered from the gang were given to him by a friend who is a policeman.
The alleged gang members, were arrested during a stop and search at about 11pm that day. Rifles, 2 pistols , a police ID and uniform were recovered from the car.

Ojo, claimed he was taking the rifles for repair, and  said the reason he had the handguns was because he was a security man and used the guns for security work, and not robbery.
He said:
“We were arrested at about 11pm for driving against the traffic. The guns were in my car and I was taking them for repair. I am not the owner of the guns. I started to use the police I.D. card and the guns early this year. I work as a security man.
“Just assist me. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, Kokumo, ordered our arrest.
“We were taken to SARS. As I speak with you, I am having headache and I cannot speak too much. It was one of my police friends who gave me the I.D. card and the guns. He is my friend; he is a CSP. He had also worked as a Divisional Police Officer. He knew I was a security man and he said I should have them. His name is CSP Muhammed attached to the Force headquarters, Abuja.”
A police source told PUNCH Metro that the gang’s vehicle was impounded at the Abbatoir Police Division, while the CSP whom the gang claimed to know, has been called for questioning.
He said:
“They are actually a robbery gang. It was because it was DCP Kokumo who arrested them that the guns were discovered.
“They were driving against the traffic in the Abbatoir area when the DCP’s boys stopped them for a search. In the end, two pump-action rifles and two pistols were found in the vehicle. The DCP immediately ordered that the vehicle be kept in Abbatoir division.
“The police officer they named has been called for questioning. Everybody was shocked that he had a strong link with the robbery gang.”

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