Monday, 26 October 2015

Read this very inspiring Facebook post

Olorunfunmi Adebajo shared this inspiring story on Facebook on October 21 which happened to be her birthday. The post has so far shared over 150 times and garnered 1,830 Likes. It reads:
So on one of those days I hung my head and claimed life had ended for me, I walked past Gbolahan. He lives right across my house and was in class with one of my elder ones. I heard he was very brilliant but I've known him to be a chronic drunk for at least 15 years...His case was worse than a mad man. He'd drink 'ogogoro' all day, get beaten up and slapped by passersby, get hit by vehicles and then walk/shout all over the street all night. He barely slept and on the days he did, he would sleep in any 'maruwa' he finds parked behind my house. He practically had no life outside his bottle of gin. 
God laid it on my heart to talk to him and I was surprised that he listened. I've paid a nearby 'buka' to have him fed twice a day, bought him a sponge, soap and toothbrush. Went to check on him every morning and evening, drove him to church in my car, gave him some place to sleep and found him something to do. I dont want him to be dependent o me so i handed him over to someone else to teach him personal hygiene and a bit of social skills.

To the glory of God, Gbolahan has been clean in the past three weeks. Now he converses coherently and does not stagger anymore, his eyeballs are clear...The whole of ire-akari road is amazed.
He still needs bedding, clothes, money for feeding etc. 

I'm grateful to God for the privilege to serve humanity but I'LL BE NEEDING PROFESSIONAL REHABILITATION for my elder brother Gbolahan, I WOULD BE GLAD IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME OUT. That would be the best birthday gift ever.
Any recommendations please?
It's my birthday and God is teaching me to love without expecting anything in return.
Source: Olorunfunmi Adebajo/Facebook

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