Thursday, 22 October 2015

Rivers senator - "One thing is to screen Amaechi, the other thing is to be confirmed"

Senator George Sekibo from Rivers state says that it's one thing to screen Rotimi Amaechi, and it's another thing for to be confirmed by members of the senate. Senator Sekibo and the two other PDP senators from Rivers state are against Amaechi's nomination as a minister
"The issue is not either to be screened or not to be screened. The issue is to be confirmed or not to be confirmed. They are two different issues. We cannot stop him from being screened but our plea is already before the senate. I don’t want to repeat it, it is before the senate. We have said it before the nation; it is in the court of the Nigerian people. The senators have the power to agree to what they want to agree to and to reject what they want to reject because it is not an individual matter, it’s not a personal matter, it’s a national matter.”he told NTA

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