Monday, 26 October 2015

Venomous false widow spider bite turned man's whole neck to black

A man suffered horrific injuries to his neck after he was apparently bitten by a venomous False Widow spider while collecting washing from his parents' garden.

Sunil Dade, 33, said he felt pain like a "lightning bolt" when the spider struck after getting caught up in the clothes.

His neck swelled up before turning black and the skin began to peel as he was left in agony.

Mr Dade managed to squeeze out a lot of the poisonous venom from the spider but the area around the bite turned black, covering his whole neck.

The scab measure around six inches from top to bottom and took an agonising four days to fall off.

Mr Dade's skin on his neck is still red raw and is causing him problems turning his neck and sleeping.

Medics confirmed his version of events but say that such incidents are rare in this country, though warmer weather this summer may have led to an increase in the UK.

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