Thursday, 8 October 2015

Woman buys food for homeless man she saw eating from a trash can

In a Facebook post that has been shared over 33,000 times and gotten 169, 
891 Likes, Natasha Robinson narrated 
how she found the homeless man eating from a trash can. Robinson writes:

Leaving school and I saw this man eating from the trash can. I asked would he 
like to go in Wendy's to eat. He said 
yes as we are walking he said, "Thank 
you Lord for sending someone." He told 
me he has not eaten since breakfast. Because the Pope was in town all the Catholic soup kitchens were closed. 
And he just needed enough to get him 
over til morning. After he ordered he 
said let's take a picture on that fancy 
phone you have there. 
The world needs to see what a walking blessing looks like. He was so humble he was about to order from the dollar menu. I told him no don't he dare he make sure he gets enough to be full...He said I can't let you leave until I hug you. As he was hugging me he was praying... Little does he know I'm the one who received a bless.

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