Thursday, 8 October 2015

Woman runs over her husband while their two daughters were inside the car. Kills him

Angela Luke, 40, was charged for 
aggravated vehicular homicide after 
she ran over her husband, Daniel Luke, 
while their two daughters were inside 
the car on Sunday night at the family's 
home near Canal Winchester, southeast 
of Columbus. Authorities say Daniel was killed during the domestic dispute that carried over into their driveway. Angela Luke was in the car with their 8- and 12-year-old daughters and says her husband 
was holding onto the car as she tried to drive away.

Angela pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges including aggravated vehicular homicide. The Columbus Dispatch reports the Fairfield County prosecutor's office 
filed a court request late Wednesday asking that charges against 40-year-old Angela 
Luke be dropped. Although charges have been dropped, an investigation is continuing and prosecutors could seek a grand jury indictment later.

Source: AP


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