Sunday, 28 August 2016

How to Flash MediaTek Stock ROMs With Miracle Box (MTK Android Smartphones)

Hi Guys am gonna be taking you through on how you will be flashing your MediaTek Stock ROMs With Miracle Box..

and be sure you are flashing the correct rom otherwise it can brick your device... and do this at your own risk... follow all procedures and you won't have any problem.

  1. Mtk Drivers
  2. Firmware(the file you want to flash you can download firmware here)
  3. Miracle boc 2.27 cracked
  1. Extract The miracle box .rar file  you download and launch Miracle_Loader_2.27A
  2. from the picture above since we want to flash in the .txt file(scatter file) use the operation label 1 (write)
  3. Stil from the picture above click on the yellow folder like icon label 2  and locate the .txt file(scatter file) or Bin file
  4. Click on start button label 3 form the picture above
  5. you will notice a green color action saying “waiting for USB port”  label 4 above
  6. turn off you phone ore remove battery and connect the usb cable while the phone is off
  7. all process will begin like magic
  8. a dialogue  box will pop out thick or un-thick what you want to write or not write (optional) or go ahead a click ok all the process will complete you will see done disconnect your phone and turn it on
  9. enjoy your phone and feel free to drop comment

See Below Video For Clarification

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