Saturday, 29 August 2015

Nurofen brings instant pain relief to Nigerians...

In further acknowledgement of Nigeria as a strategic market, RB Nigeria Limited, a leading consumer goods company in the health, hygiene and home categories, has launched Nurofen, a brand of Ibuprofen, into the Nigerian market. The product comes in both the children and adult variants, and the aim is to give the consumers more and better choices to choose from. 


The world’s number one pain relief brand from the stable of RB Nigeria Limited was launched with its unique proposition of being an effective pain management solutions for Nigerians offering instant relief.

The Nurofen brand launched formulations for both children and adults. Nurofen for Children comes as a liquid suspension that disrupts both child pain and fever. In 15 minutes, the orange and strawberry flavours of Nurofen for children relieves pain and gives lasting relief for up to 8 hours after use.
Nurofen for adults is produced in caplets of 200mg that provides relief from fever as well as terminates several types of pains by focusing on the source of the pain. Nurofen is more effective than Paracetamol for treatment of all kinds of pain. In addition to this Nurofen is very gentle on the stomach and equally well tolerated as Paracetamol.
Speaking at the launch, General Manager, RB West Africa, Mr. Rahul Murgai, said the development of Nurofen speaks to the positioning of the company as one that puts priority on providing innovative solutions to Nigerians to make life easier and healthier for them.
“Our vision is a world where people are healthier and happier; our purpose is to make a difference by providing Nigerians with innovation solutions to ensure they lead healthier lives in happier homes”, he said.
Nigerians are known to be hard working, constantly seeking ways to lead a better life; they therefore do not want anything that would weigh them down or slow their pace. Nurofen can provide them instant relief from headaches, lower back pain, cold symptoms, dental pain and fever thereby giving them more play time instead of pain time”, Murgai stressed.
Speaking on the topic “Ibuprofen for children and its role in Pain and Fever control”, Professor in Anaesthesiology, University of Eastern Finland, Prof. Hannu Kokki stated that “pain in children and adult can be adequately managed with Ibuprofen which is the active agent of Nurofen”
Category Manager, Nurofen, Qaiser Rashid expressed that the launch of Nurofen is to empower Nigerians to continue to live active life and be able to achieve their dreams in an atmosphere devoid of pains and other health risk factors that can slow them down.

Rashid explained further that around the world, Nurofen has been acclaimed to be the number one pain killer in every market where it has been launched. It also works twice faster than the regular analgesic and is highly effective across a range of acute, short-term pain, fever conditions and has an excellent safety profile”

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