Sunday, 30 August 2015

Photos of the young Indian girl allegedly killed by her mother

The murky details emerging from the murder case is looking like scenes from Zee World. Sheena Bora (pictured above) was allegedly murdered by her mother, Indrani Mukherjea and her driver, Shyam Rai. They dumped her body in a suitcase, put it in the jungle and set it on fire.

Early investigation claimed Sheena was murdered by her mother because she was having an incestuous relationship with her step-son, her third husband's son, Rahul but cops revealed that the murder could have happened due to the $120 million estate and monies belonging to Peter Mukherjea (Indrani's husband) which could have gone to Rahul and Sheena if they had gotten married.

She even lied to people that her daughter had gone to the US for studies but her passport was discovered along with her skeletal remains and has been dispatched for DNA test.

Meanwhile, Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria said Indrani's ex-husband has confessed to his complicity in the murder. The statement was made late Friday, 28 August.

Daughter left, mother right
The victim's brother Mikhail claimed that his life was threatened by his mother, Indrani and provided some evidence to the investigators to back up this claim. Indrani had approached a psychologist from Mumbai to prepare a fake mentally-ill certificate for Mikhail in order to portray him as a lunatic and therefore render his statement inadmissible in court. Mumbai is set to interrogate the psychologist.

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