Saturday, 29 August 2015

Video: Girl narrates how she was raped in Michika, Adamawa state

A Nigerian teenager identified as Christiana, shared her horrific ordeal. She talked about how she was raped by four men in Michika, Adamawa state. According to Christiana, it all happened when she had gone to repair her phone at one of the phone repair centers in Michika. She said when she got there, she was told to come in the evening of the same day for her phone but because she had things to do in the market, she decided to go collect her phone the next day. When she returned the next day, she was told to follow the repairer to where she will collect her phone.

When she got there, she said stood at the entrance of the room, waiting for the man to bring her phone out when she was suddenly pushed from behind by someone else who into the room. As they attempted to have their way, she said she screamed and a rag was put in her mouth. They told her they will kill her if she doesn't allow them have their way. Unfortunately one of the men had his way and after he was done, fled the scene. Her scream afterwards attracted people who advised her to report to the police and if necessary action wasn't taken, she should report to the king of the community. Rape must not be condoned in our society. Watch the chilling video below to hear what she said...

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