Saturday, 29 August 2015

Wife smashed alarm clock over husband's head after he asked for a goodnight kiss

A wife smashed an alarm clock over her husband’s head after he asked for a goodnight kiss.
Kathryne Borthwick, 26 – who met husband Monty, 59, online – flew into a rage after a drinking spree.

A judge heard Mr Borthwick took off his shirt in the bedroom and demanded: “What about my goodnight kiss?”

Prosecuting lawyer Tim Dracass said: “She picked up an alarm clock and started to hit him with it.
"The clock broke.
"Mrs Borthwick then grabbed her husband’s mobile and began hitting his head.”

The court heard Mr Borthwick begged “Please, please” as blood ran down his head and his furious wife swore and threw his CDs around their Portsmouth home.

An ambulance was called at 9.45pm and Mr Borthwick was left with two cuts to his head after the attack on April 18.

Mrs Borthwick, who arrived to the UK from The Philippines last year, admitted assault with actual bodily harm and was given a 12-month community order.

The court heard that Mr Borthwick did not want his wife to be charged but that it was not the first time she had behaved in this way after drinking.

Portsmouth crown court heard she had quit drinking and the pair wanted to forget the “nightmare”.

Judge Roger Hetherington said: “For some reason, which is something of a mystery, you flew at him in a rage hitting him with whatever came to hand.”

source the mirror

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