Wednesday, 30 September 2015

34-year-old Nelson who stabbed his father to death, has been arrested

34-year-old Nelson who is allegedly known as a drug addict , who stabbed his father, Sunday Oamen, to death and took his heart, in Abesan Estate, in Ipaja, Lagos has been arrested and detained at the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba,
Sunday said he had smoked four wraps of Indian hemp before committing the crime and confessed that he killed his father because he always scolded him. He blamed his parents for not giving him enough training, adding that he hated them for always been condescending towards him.

On Wednesday, the suspect voluntarily turned himself in to the police.
Nelson said he surrendered himself to the police because he lost his peace after killing his father.
He said:
“I am the fourth child in a family of eight children. I have had several fights with my dad in the past. There was a time I confronted him that I had been going through a lot of challenges in life and I needed help, but he said I should sit at home and he would be feeding me. I was angry because he wanted me to be dependent on him and I needed to fend for myself.
“My parents knew that I smoke hemp and it sometimes affected my behaviour. They asked me to quit it, and I did for some time. People advised them to take me for medical care, but they said they did not have the money.
“I became addicted to hemp about six months ago. On Thursday night, a day preceding the incident, I had gone to a joint where I smoked four wraps of hemp. I bought each for N50.
“On Friday, around 11am, I was sitting outside the house when I started feeling restless and a spirit told me to go inside and kill my father. I went in through the window and when I got to where he was lying, I stabbed him in the neck and chest.”
He said after committing the act, he ran away because he was overcome with guilt.
Nelson, who dropped out of primary school, denied removing his father’s heart, adding that after killing his father, his eyes became remorseful.
He added:
“The spirit that pushed me to kill my father began to tell me that I will not have rest until I report myself to the police. When I could no longer bear it, I decided to report to the police.
“It is not my fault. Whenever I talk to my parents, they always scolded me. And sometimes, I felt they were not my parents. I killed my father because he always chastised me and because I lost control of my senses.
“If I get out of this mess, I will surrender my life to Jesus. But if not, I resign myself to fate,” he added.
Even though he has been arrested, a police source said the suspect’s family are reluctant to prosecute him.
He said:“Some members of the family want him to face the consequence of his action, but they are also considering the implication on their mother who had become old and might not want to suffer double tragedies.
“However, the police will prosecute him. It is a straightforward murder case.”


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