Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Airtel 500mb and 1gb rocking like crazy {Yes Tweaking}

Airtel 1gb is rocking like crazy for the pass month and the offer still continues 

What i like most is the fact that you dont need to stress yourself out by tweaking 

To enjoy this offer just follow my lead

 Here is the imei 356241060335668 

Here is how you are going to tweak it 

1.Use imei analyzer to get a valid imei 

2 . Send the imei you just analyzed to 232 add S to the number Like this S357146062634209 send it to 232 After sending the message You will receive a message from 232 saying that "welcome to the Smart phone bla bla bla..... 

After that send Join to 141 

Here Is The 500mb imei 358748061224459 Tweak it the way you tweaked 1gb imei 

After sending it to 232 you will receive a message saying that "Congratulations! You are ready to browse the internet bla bla bla..." 

Then send join to 141 

if you are New to Tweaking Let me know...dont forget sharing is Love...share with your friends and enemies...

your comment is our satisfaction...

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