Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Charles Macharia 'happily' married to 3 women encourages men to marry more than one wife

Fresha Nyambura, Esther Nyaguthii and Agnes Wambui have been married to Charles Macharia for 30 years. The women are now jointly planning the payment of their dowry. They organised an animated ceremony for first wife Nyambura last Saturday, September 26, in Murang'a town, Kenya, that saw them all dance with their husband and explain their unusual set up.

 "They respect and listen to me. My authority is never undermined," First wife Nyambura said.
She said they have a systematic way of spending time with Macharia but did not give details. Second wife Nyaguthii said;
"He advised us when he decided to get other wives. We are satisfied; there is no need to cause problems. Men pretend to be faithful while keeping their other wives a secret, but we are all here together."
Third wife Wambui said they love each other and are good friends. The three, who live in different houses, broke down their roles ahead of the dowry ceremony to Macharia, who gave them the money needed. Asked to introduce his family during the event, Macharia began by inquiring about attendants only interested in his polygamy.

He then asked those who attended because of their friendship to raise their hands after which he said;
"Let all my wives come here for introduction."
The businessman then introduced the women in the order in which he married them, followed by his 12 children.
"There is no man here who does not have another wife. Notice how smart they are. You have to wake up early and take care of the family. You cannot laze around, you must work hard."
Macharia said he is satisfied and will now focus on getting more children, and lauded his wives for uniting and living peacefully. It is best for men to declare their other relationships, he said, adding that all was well in his family, and urging men to marry more than one woman. Macharia said plans to pay dowry for Nyaguthii and Wambui were in place.

Source: The Star Kenya

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