Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Trans woman upset over airport security scanners flagging body 'anomaly'

A transgender woman told thousands of social media followers about her embarrassing experience going through security at Orlando International Airport, a problem occasionally faced by traveling trans men and women.

Shadi Petosky was flagged as she went through security at the airport as she rushed to her flight to Minneapolis Monday night due to an “anomaly” that appeared in her full-body scan calibrated for a woman. The canner went off and she was asked to step aside.
“That’s my penis,” she bluntly told a male Security agent, explaining that she was transgender.

The awkward conversation brought Petosky to tears as additional agents questioned her gender and pulled her aside for a 40-minute pat-down, inspection and explosive material scare that resulted in a missed flight to Minneapolis.

Dozens of tweets and a handful of tearful selfies documented the television producer’s ordeal, attracting the attention of transgender activists, American Airlines representatives and TSA officials.
“I’m embarrassed about it,” Petosky told the Daily News from a hotel in Miami.

American Airlines said they booked Shadi into another flight to Mineappolis for free after they heard of her ordeal but she said that was a lie.

She asked for any airline but AA to book her into another flight but she stayed in Miami until she booked another flight to Minneapolis on a later flight.

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