Friday, 2 October 2015

Photo of a man with no scalp caught robbing truck with pockets filled with Viagra goes viral

62 year old Tommie Bennett, a man with no scalp was arrested for trying to break in to a truck with his pockets full of Viagra pills.
His mugshot has been causing a stir online after it was released by police in Florida. Bennett suffers from a rare skin condition that means he has lost part of his scalp.
Officers say the owner of the truck caught the 62-year-old trying to steal a tackle box, tent and fishing pole from his van as it was parked up outside an Economy Inn in Putnam County.
Police say Bennett tried to escape on a bicycle after the owner of the truck heard a noise and went out to investigate.

The driver allegedly caught the man, tackled him to the ground and tied him up him with wire until police arrived.
When officers searched the man they found packets of Viagra in his pockets, without prescription.
The mugshot has stirred up debate online with people questioning whether Bennett had been injured in the incident.

However Putnam County police say Bennett "evidently" has a skin condition

Bennett is charged with burglary of a conveyance, larceny and possession of a drug without a prescription and us currently held in custody in lieu of a $2,300 bond payment.

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