Thursday, 12 November 2015

Android Rooting: Advantages and disadvantages

What is Android Rooting? 

Android Rooting is simply a process that allows an Android device user to attain privileged control within the Android subsystem.

When you root your Android device (Android phones or tablets) it means you are giving yourself root or super user which will allow you to access all system files and give you the ability to change all kinds of things that you wouldn’t have been able to normally. You can now be able to install and customize Android OS. The benefits of rooting your Android device are countless, it will unlock your phone or tablet to its full potentials.

Benefits of rooting your Android device

1. Full control over your Android device: Android rooting will give you access to change any system files, boot images, deletes native apps etc.

2. Backup and Restore your entire system: Rooting your Android device will give you the opportunity to backup your entire system on a memory card. Now you can backup all your system files and keep it save and can restore your device from it anytime you like to same state.

3. Install custom ROMs: There are custom ROMs all over the internet; ROMs that will entirely change your device give it a new look and feel. Rooting your Android device will provide you with a chance to run a custom ROM and customize your device as you like. You can even install ROMs that will improve performance of your device and increase both speed and battery.

4. Update to date Android version: Rooting your Android device will allow you to update to the latest version of Android OS. If you have an older Android device this may be a way to update your OD to the latest version and also enjoy the new features that comes with new updates.

5. Free up Memory for your device: Rooting your Android device will allow you to manipulate and move partitions where system files and data resides. You can move files from one partition to another to create memory space for your device.

Disadvantages of Android Rooting:

Rooting your Android devices will give you limitless possibilities to things you can do with your device but this does not come without a cost. Not only will rooting your Android device strip it of its warrantee, there is still the danger of damaging your device during the process.

There is also the fear of overclocking or underclocking your processor during this process. This may cause your device to overheat and even explode in some extreme cases.
There is an increased risk of unknowingly installing malicious apps when you root your Android device.

Conclusion:  Android Rooting  is totally your choice as there are advantages and disadvantages. You have to weigh your options and why you need to root your Android device.

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