Sunday, 1 November 2015

'Whale caused Vancouver boat to capsize' - killing five British tourists

A whale sunk the Leviathan II boat in Canada which killed five Britons, a maritime news website has claimed.

Five British people died in the tragedy, which happened last Sunday afternoon.

Preliminary investigations state that most of the passengers were on the port side at the time of the accident, where they were watching a whale swimming towards them.

 Maritime News has claimed that a whale swimming underneath the boat emerged under the starboard side at the same time - causing the boat to capsize

It wrote that the boat was believed to have hit some rocks but that they now believe it was a whale.

This latest claim goes against the findings of the investigators who said it was a wave that was at the centre of the tragedy.

Marc Andre Poisson, Director of Marine Investigations for Canada's Transportation Safety Board, said: "We know that most passengers were on the top deck on the port side, that's the left side of the vessel.
"This would have raised the centre of gravity, affecting the vessel's stability.

None of the victims were wearing life jackets when the boat capsized, despite there being plenty available.

Witnesses reported seeing people clinging to nearby rocks and sharing life jackets as they desperately tried to stop themselves from drowning.

The tour operator, Jamie's Whaling Station, has been investigated twice in the past about other accidents - one of them which also proved fatal.

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    Claim: The theory is that a whale emerged underneath the boat

     The boat capsized not far from Vancouver Island
     Investigators are trying to determine what happened

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