Monday, 23 November 2015

Family believes Pope's kiss helped shrink baby's brain tumor

A baby's brain tumor, which cannot be operated on, reportedly reduced in size following a kiss on the head from the Pope, at least that's what the family thinks.

Pope Francis kissed one-year-old Gianna in September, during a papal procession in Philadelphia, CBS Philadelphia reported. The girl's mother, Kristen Masciantonio, told the television station: 'She's getting better and stronger. She's blowing kisses. She's starting to point at things.'

The girl's parents Joey and Kristen Masciantonio have reportedly described the kiss as a miracle.
A comparison of Gianna's MRIs from August and November shows a noticeable difference.
According to the television station, the girl's brain stem had been 'attacked' by the toddler's blood cells.

CBS Philadelphia reported the toddler has a sibling named Dominic -- and the first name of the bodyguard who hoisted the girl up during the kiss is Domenico.
The Masciantonios have credited this as divine intervention, according to the television station.

Gianna met the daughter of St. Gianna, her namesake, while the pope was in Philadelphia, CBS Philadelphia reported.
Joey Masciantonio told the television station: 'Last year was about living in honor of her.
'Now we're going to get to live with her.'
He also said: 'I think this is all from God.
'I believe the Pope is a messenger from God.'
Source: Mail Online

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