Monday, 23 November 2015

ISIS bomb which brought down Russian plane killing 224 was placed under this young girl's seat

Victim: Russian plane crash victim Maria Ivleva 'was unwittingly sat on top of the bomb'

This is the innocent 15-year-old girl who was sitting on top of the huge bomb which brought down the doomed Russian jet.

Maria Ivleva is thought to have been the first to die in the terrorist atrocity after the explosive beneath her seat erupted with the force equivalent to "a kilo of TNT".

Tests carried out by investigators found that the centre of the blast happened in rows 30 or 31 on the Airbus A321, according to the Russian Secret Service.

The blast caused the plane to crash killing 224 passengers and crew.

A report in LifeNews said: "Investigators and secret service experts managed to locate the seat under which the terrorists planted the bomb which destroyed Airbus A321," said the report.

They believe that an explosive device was "likely" planted under seats 30A or 31A, and the people sitting there would most likely have died at once.

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