Thursday, 5 November 2015

Kenya based Nigerian pastor who sucks women's breasts to deliver them from the spirit of rejection, bursted by a Radio host

Pastor Chijioke of Breasts and Honey New International Church, who allegedly heals women by sucking their breasts was caught in the hot seat last week when a female radio DJ called him using a fake name to ask for spiritual guidance.
In the phone call, the DJ who works at Hero Radion, Nakuru, Kenya told the Pastor that her problem is that she can’t seem to get married. Every time she has a man, when things get serious between them, the men run away. 
This is the lady that interviewed him..her name is Kate Vobic

The pastor then tells her that she has the spirit of rejection and he has to suck it out from her breasts in order to get deliverance.
     "The spirit lies in the breast of a lady... the more you suck the breast the more you get the fulfilling of the Lord." 
The man’s congregation only has women and they are told not to wear bras to make sucking their breasts much easier. 
The DJ then asked the pastor if he can tell her where in the bible it says that a pastor must suck a woman’s breasts to heal her. 
The pastor refuses to answer and says,
     "Don’t bring up the bible, you just come, we do this thing and then we finish." 
Later in the conversation, the DJ busts the pastor and tells him her real name and that he is live on air.
The defensive pastor then got angry and denied his real name which he had given her before and says she should call him a man of God instead. 
When asked why he is deceiving people, he replied saying she is stupid and she just called because she has been hearing women saying that he sucks breasts nicely.
Source: Daily Sun SA

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