Sunday, 15 November 2015

Man describes 'saddest moment' after getting into taxi with crying Muslim driver following Paris attacks

A man has described "the saddest moment" he'd experienced as part of the human race, after stepping into a waiting taxi cab following the Paris terror attacks.

A conversation with a driver in Manhattan, inspired New Yorker Alex Malloy to speak out following the horrific attacks on Friday night that left 129 people dead.

The first words the 23-year-old heard as he got into the car were "thank you", and what followed “one of the most heartbreaking moments" he'd ever experienced.

His driver, a Muslim, explained Malloy had been his first customer in more than two hours - blaming the people of New York being too scared to get into his cab.

The stunned New York customer wrote on Twitter: "For 25 minutes I had to tell this stranger, this human being like you and I, that he was not part of what was happening.

"He cried the whole way to my apartment and it made me cry too. He kept saying, 'Allah, my god, does not believe in this. People think I'm a part of this and I'm not'."

He told his passenger that nobody wanted to drive with him as they "felt unsafe"
Malloy added: It was one of the most heartbreaking moments I've ever experienced in my whole life.

"He was such a sweet guy, around my age, he couldn't have been older than 25.

"I couldn't and still can't believe I had to listen to this man's words."

He finished: "Please give your sympathy towards these people, they are not only victims of discrimination but also hate in times like this.

"Please stop generalising a society of people.

"Pleas stop saying 'Muslims' are the problem, because they are not.

"These are our brothers and sisters... we are all humans."

The exchange inspired Malloy to share his experience on Twitter and Facebook.

His passionate message against Islamophobia went viral, and has been retweeted more than 31,000 times and liked 23,000 times.

“The replies were so touching and so sincere,” Malloy told the Huffington Post.

“It wasn’t just the Muslim community replying, but everybody replying.

"Especially at a time like this, in our country and in our world ... to see people come together over something I had written and saying, ‘This is so important’ -- it made me cry.”

French President Francois Hollande called the attacks in Paris the worst violence to hit France since the Second World War - "an act of war" and said ISIS is responsible.

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