Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Custom Domain Does Not Work Without WWW In Blogger?

Many bloggers complaining about this issue that their custom domain does not work without WWW if not used as prefix  i.e. for example your domain is “” and it works fine when somebody search it as “” but does not work when somebody search it for “” . This is generally a problem of naked domain. Some days before i was also facing the same problem but now my problem is resolved and here in this post i am going to tell you how to troubleshoot this problem.
Actually it is a very simple process in which you have to redirect your naked domain to the domain that contains WWW.
For doing this please follow some easy steps given below :
  • Step1: Log in to your Blogger account then go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic.
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  • Step2: Now go to Publishing section then Blog Address and then click on Edit as shown in the snapshot given below.

  • Step3: Now Check ✍ the redirect box and then press the “Save” tab and you are done.
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Still Not Working ?

This means you have not added the four Blogger IP addresses provided by Google to your A- records or A host’s section.
The following action links your naked domain ( to your actual site ( If you skip this step, visitors who leave off the “www” will see an error page.
Enter your domain name in the format, and list the I.P. addresses shown below in the “A” section. You’ll need to create four separate A-records which point to four different Google IPs.

For more information you can visit Google Support Page.
or If you have purchased your domain with Godaddy then you can watch this Tutorial Video ” Setup a custom domain on Blogger from Godaddy ” provided by Brother Blogger for each and every details.Also read:
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