Thursday, 19 November 2015

Paris attacks: Suicide bomber Hasna Ait Boulahcen was a "party animal with a bad reputation and no real friends"

The female suicide bomber who is believed to have blown herself up after a gun battle with French police was a “party animal who loved clubbing," say pals.

Amin Abou, 26, who lived near Hasna Ait Boulahcen in the French border town of Creutzwald, said she had a bad reputation.

Ait Boulahcen regularly visited the town to visit her father as they rebuilt a relationship after her adoption.

Amin said: “I would see her in this club in Germany which is only 10 minutes away but where we go out because it’s much cheaper for alcohol.

“She came here two or three years ago for two months. She didn’t work or go to university. I don’t think she even finished school. She loved partying and going to clubs.

"She drank alcohol and smoked and went around with lots of different guys. She had a bad reputation. She had lots of boyfriends, but nothing serious.

“She had no real friends, just people to hang out with. I think she had a lot of personal issues, with her family. She didn’t live with her mum she grew up in children’s homes.

"She has a brother who is mentally disabled and used to live in a home in Marseilles.
“She grew up in St Denis - a very bad area. And when you don’t have family it’s easier to get into bad things.’

Another friend, Mattius Jacques, 24, said: “She was normal. She wore Western clothes, she never wore hijab. She didn’t go to mosque or pray. She never spoke about the news or Palestine or anything.

“She wasn’t religious at all. She was like you and me, she went out, she lived a free life, always out partying.

“Her dad didn’t mind, he’s cool. He plays guitar. Her father worked in car factory but is now retired. He goes to mosque often but he’s not strict. He goes on holiday to Morocco often because he lives alone.”

Ait Boulahcen is believed to be the cousin of the attacks' mastermind Abdelhami Abaaoud.

Her mum has insisted that her "lovely daughter" had been brainwashed.

Mrs Boulahcen told MailOnline: “The son of my sister brainwashed her.

“It’s awful. We have not slept. We have been up all night. My daughter is lovely. We can’t believe it.

He has messed with her head. He went mad. He did things with her head.”

Ait Boulahcen, 26, is said to have detonated an explosive vest during a six-hour armed siege in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis yesterday.

Friends claim her life took a sinister path after France banned the burka.

She used to wear to work a niqab — which only showed her eyes and quit her job in 2014 two years after the ban was introduced.

Speaking to the Sun, pal Khamissa, 26, said: “This Islamist extremism she was going through — we thought it was a phase. She was following others and she was impressionable.

“If I’d have known that she would have ended up doing something like this I would have tried to bend her ear more — told her she was being stupid."

Witnesses said she went to a KFC chicken shop to get some food and looked 'relaxed' just hours before the explosion that brought the chaotic scenes to a close.

Her brother Youssouf Ait Boulahcen today revealed his sister never read the Koran and only became devout about a month ago.

He told MailOnline : "She was not interested in studying her religion. I never saw her open the Koran.

"She was permanently on her phone, looking at Facebook or WhatsApp.

"I told her to stop all of this but she would not listen, she ignored my numerous attempts to give her advice telling me I was not her dad, or her husband, and so I should leave her alone."

Friends also she liked to drink alcohol and party and loved wearing cowboy hats.

Ait Boulahcen's family arrived left Morocco for France in 1973 and settled in Paris. She was born in 1989 in Clichy-la-Garenne, not far from where the gun battle took place yesterday.

Her brother said she had suffered violence at a young age and began to run with a bad crowd.

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