Friday, 6 November 2015

Photos: Lady who picked up a destitute to rehabilitate him in Lagos gives an update

Remember the young lady, Olorunfunmi Adebajo who shared the story of how she picked up a destitute named Gbolahan, in the Ire-Akari area in Lagos state? (Read here). Well she has given an update about her journey to rehabilitating her...Read what she shared on Facebook after the cut..

Quite a while right? Our brother Gbolly is fine and in good hands. We went to the hospital yesterday to meet 'Dr. O' who had taken interest in Gbolahan and offered FREE medical evaluation and treatment. I kept smiling while the doctor explained the need for examining vital organs after prolonged abuse of alcohol...i could have been a doctor too but i hated chemistry! Anyway, Gbolahan's blood samples have been taken...We await the results. A Nigerian missionary doctor in the U.S also took interest in the story and now, Gbolahan has an appointment with the dentist sometime next week...This is also FREE. Today, we met @Princess Kay Ajibade who specialises in male clothings. ...she's giving him two sets of native FREE. Someone drove all the way from Ikoyi to bring Gbolahan some clothes in Isolo, a youth corper in Adamawa state sent #2,500 out of his 'allawee' to feed Gbolahan for a couple of days...I also went to pick some clothes for him at another location yesterday....Someone even offered to take up his accommodation!!!
You have all contributed in no little measure to make this successful. Most importantly, we met with Keji Hamilton who runs the House of Joy rehab. Pastor Keji has taken the burden of getting a rehab off my shoulders, he is also helping us get Gbolahan someplace to learn a trade while the rehab admission process is finalised. Thank you all for sparing your resources and time to give Mr Gbolahan hope again. All these would not have been possible without you.. Thank you Nigeria..This is who we are, #‎GoodPeopleGreatNation‬

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