Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Two men jailed for brutal and unprovoked attack on 71-year-old taxi driver

Two men have been jailed for a brutal attack which left a pensioner battered and bruised.
Francis McBride, 71, suffered severe bruising to his face, eyes and body following the unprovoked attack by two passengers in Oldham last summer.

After picking up two men in his taxi from Rochdale, Mr McBride was repeatedly beaten around the face and head during the early hours assault.

Michael Edhouse, 25, and Daniel Swaincott, 26, were jailed for a total of more than 11 years at Manchester Crown Court on Friday.

Edhouse, of Barmouth Court, Oldham, was locked up for six years, while Swaincott, of Lichens Crescent, Oldham, was sentenced to five years and six months.

Both men were found guilty of business robbery following a week-long trial, reports Manchester Evening News .

Mr McBride picked up Edhouse and Swaincott from the Harrows pub, in Rochdale, at around 1.30am on May 29.

He drove them to Lichens Crescent, in Oldham, but when he requested the fare one of the two men started to strangle him.

The other man repeatedly punched him to the face and body in an attack which lasted several minutes.

The two men made off with the driver’s takings, around £300, along with the taxi navigation system.
Mr McBridge managed to call the taxi rank who called the police, along with two members of the public.

Officers found the taxi driver in a ‘distressed and dishevelled state’, covered in blood.
Mr McBride, from Rochdale, has been a taxi driver for 40 years but says he no longer works after midnight.

He said: “I picked them up in Rochdale and took them to Oldham. Next thing I knew he had put his arms around my neck. The other one sat in the front seat started thumping me on the face.

“My face was a mess. It’s scandalous. Then they took my money and went.

“It was a total shock. I only went back to work after six weeks.”

Sergeant Simon Moyles, of Oldham Police, said the Edhouse and Swaincott were caught within 12 hours of the attack.

He said: “Francis is ecstatic with the result and can now move on.

“Francis works because he needs money to run his motorbike, he still doesn’t work after midnight and was off work for eight weeks.”


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