Sunday, 31 January 2016

How to Use Etisalat BIS Plan (3GB data @ N1000) on Android and PC (Hotspot) powers all apps

 I promised am gonna be posting the hottest Etisalat Cheat 1k for 3gb that powers all apps, and finally here is it.

Infact i made a video tutorial for this tweak in case you dont understand the writing one. just watch the video below.

This tweak has been active for months now and is still very functional just that it does not power all apps but with this method you sure to be flexing all apps with the 3gb.

All you need is an Android phone! No Imei Tweak Needed..

Disable Data auto renewal by dialing *229*0# before you recharge.

To subscribe for Etisalat BIS complete (3GB data for 30 days) at N1000, 

Dial *399*2# or dial *200# and follow the on-screen procedure. This is safer because the subscription code sometimes changes, but the SIM menu codes remain up to date. Remember to switch off Data transmission before loading credit.

If you exhaust your 3GB data before the end of 30 days, dial *200# and follow the on-screen menu to Opt Out first before attempting to renew. This is because the systems are set to automatically renew your subscription at the end of 30 days and would not allow you make a new one before the period is expired.

Let's start.

1. On your Android, Go to Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Etisalat NG   (Android 2 users might have it slightly different).

2. Press the Options button and select New APN
    NB: Some devices do not give this option. Simply select the default ETISALAT WAP and

3. Enter the following:
     NAME:               Etisalat NG
     PORT:                 8080

4. Press the Options button and SAVE.

5. Select this new APN as default.

6. On your Data and start browsing. 

Additional Notes.
You may find that your Whatsapp,Facebook,Skype,Bbm,Twitter and other messangers doesn't connect. That's because Whatsapp and others  has not started allowing proxy connections. This is what you should do.

1. Download the Psiphon Handler  HERE
2. Configure the handler as follows 

 Proxy type: Real Host
 Custom header: X-Onine-Host
 Real Proxy Type: Inject
 Real Proxy server:
 Real Proxy Port: 8080


The Psiphon should start connecting automatically, Stop it and click on Options, Click on More options.

Then Configure As follows:
See below screen shot

Then click on start, wait for it to connect,

When you see a key beside your Mobile data know it has connected.

All your apps should be up and running, tested and confirmed by me...

Watch Below video for clarification

Enjoy Surfing without interruption...


1. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard, then type Internet Options and select it.

    Windows 7 users will see it in the Start Menu, while Windows 8 users will find it on the Start
    Screen under Settings, and Windows 8.1 users will see it on the Start Screen as well.

2. In the window that pops up, select the Connections tab.

3. Then select LAN Settings. Another window should pop up.

4. In the LAN Settings window, Tick the check box under Proxy server that reads
    "Use a proxy server for your LAN" then enter under Address and 8080
     under Port. Click OK on all open windows to save settings.

5. On your Android device, switch on your data transmission and switch on your

6. Make sure your computer's WiFi is turned on then connect and Enjoy!

NB: To protect your data from being used without your permission, add a security
        password or better still, limit the number of Maximum Connections to 1.

Drop your comments and complains.