Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Simple Android Server V4.0 Now Available Accompany With Free VPN Service

Simple Android Server (SAS) is one of the best free VPN that we are enjoying for the very long time to surf unlimited on Android Smartphones, not until last month, the developer changed its mind and moved it to premium version which was introduced with version 3.5, now it has been upgraded to the latest version 4.0.0. The new version still come with free and Premium VPN service, just as the old version 3.5 and more features now added to the last version.

New Features of Simple Android Server V4.0.0
1. Free VPN servers
2. Added auto-restart for local server for premium users
3. If your VPN becomes too slow, restarting vpn connection will fix the issue
4. Front query, back query and host replacement features added
5. And lots more waiting for you to explore.

See The Difference Between Free VPN and Premium VPN

Premium VPN
1. No ads for the duration of your subscription
2. Stop hourly disconnect of the VPN
3. Auto start on boot for local server
4. Up to 10 concurrent connections for VPN

Free VPN
1. Full of irritating Ads
2. Limited concurrent connections for VPN

Simple Android server v4.0 is working flawlessly with MTN BBLite and Musicplus, no new setting required, you can still flex with it via your old setting. If you are unable to enjoy Simple Android Server for the past few days, simply upgrade your SAS to the latest version 4.0 now and you are good to go.

Note: To fully maximize these new features, a fresh install is advisable. uninstall the old version and install this latest version.

You can download Simple Android Server v4.0.0 from Play Store - Download Link

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