Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to Create a simple 2 frame boot animation

Create a folder on your desktop lets call it project for the sake of it. Now inside that folder create another folder and name it part0.

1) Make sure the know the proper size of your screen most standard tablet sizes tend to be

2) We are going to need two images for the animation, been only two images this will not slow down
boot time on your tablet. So here is an example of a boot animation that I did for the Arnova 10-g2.
The picture below will be image number one, so when you have created your main image save it to the folder on your desktop project/part0 and name it 0000

First image named 0000

3) Now to make it simple, what I did was to zoom into the android robot eyes on my paint program, use the colour picker tool and select an area close to the eye, so now you are going to colour the eyes in so it looks like the robots head in all blue.

4) Save this image to the folder on your desktop project/part 0 and name this image 0001, see picture below.

Second image named 0001

5) Download this program BootanimationCreator

Now you are ready to create your boot animation with this excellent tool!

Install the program (be aware that you need Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed on your PC)

Start it up.

1) Click Choose folder, and direct it to you desktop/project folder and click next.

2) With it only been a two frame animation we need to slow it down to 15fps so click in the box where you see the set properties, on the 1024,600,30 it will turn blue. now click edit and change the fps to 15.

3) Now click on Add Loop and select Choose folder, once selected you will see part 0 pop up so select it, click on set number of loops and change that value to 0 (Important)

4) Click next and this will take you to the save screen, save it as to somewhere where you can find it. After that you can preview it to see what your animation will look like

You have created your very own bootanimation! Remember you do not have to use a robot for the animation like I did, you could have for example the text (Loading . . . . ) on the first screen than on the second just paint away the dots(Loading ) this will create a small animation so the dots flash, there are endless possibilities for the animation, and if you wanted to use more screens to the animation you can, so a 10/20/50 screen animation just follow the same guide.

Now lets get it on your tablet!

Copy the you created to your sd card or internal memory if you have not got one.

Now on your tablet you will need a file manager that supports root, like Rootexplorer, File Expert or Ez File Explorer. Go into settings and enable root in the settings, and enable read/write as well.

Goto /system/media and either rename the existing bootanimation file to bootanimationold or something else or delete it if you dont like it. Now copy your bootanimation to that same directory.

Select properties of the file, or permissions depending on what file manager you use and make sure that they are all ticked.

Reboot and enjoy your very own customized boot screen

Some tablets boot in landscape and some in portrait so if when it boots it looks like it is the wrong way round simply change the image 0000 and 0001 the other way round ie from 1024 x 768 to 768x1024. Just load the images into the paint program again and rotate the image right and save, do this for both screens. An example of this is the Arnova 9g2 Gingerbread rom.

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