Monday, 23 May 2016

How to Remove Background of any Image on Android Phones

Removal of background from any image is now simple on android. You don’t need a computer to perform this task when you got your android device. With this, you can easily fix any type of background for your image and post online.

Recently, I came across an android app codename “Background eraser”. This app helps to erase background from an image by cutting or trimming the main character on the image and placing the image on a transparent background.

Having erased the background from the image, you can easily make use of the image as stamps with any other app to make photomontage, collage. This is an enhanced feature and you get to run any other photo editing task on android, even without the help of computer’s Corel draw.

Some other features of Background eraser includes auto mode, erase similar pixel automatically, extraction mode, object selection for removal and many more.

Where to download Background eraser?

You can download background eraser from Google Playstore (download here)

That’s it on how to remove background from an image, if you got any question or you know of any other related application, feel free to let me know via comment section.


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