Sunday, 29 May 2016

Root,unlock, Write Cert, Nv data.bin, fix unknown baseband and Imei on Samsung s6 Edge G925T

Hey DSm Tech Guys. This another first in the world solution to Samsung G925T i will guide you how to root and unlock it and fix any other error you encounter with your z3x box
error like
initialization zTool...error (0)
Initialization AT RIL... error
error 24 etc

How to Root
Download and flash
then install supper user from play store or google 
How to Unlock and write Cert/nv_data.bin
Flash your device with this G925TUVS3DOJC_G925TTMB3DOJC_TMB
Root using the method above and
Download G925T MODEM,cert,nv data,cert

follow the follow step
1.Extract The the file G925T MODEM,cert,nv data,cert2.flash modem_G925T_OJ7 (select cp)from the extracted file with Odin v3.10.73.Go ahead and unlock ,or write cert, or write nv_data using z3x box without error
If your imei is imei-350000000000006 write cert it will solve it
Note: Step 2 will solve all the errors have any problem drop your comment

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