Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Enjoy Etisalat Bblite Unlimted Plan on Laptop/Desketop Computer

I'm glad to inform you that the tweak is really unlimited, with the BB10 daily plan that I did yesterday,

For those that are getting an error response when dialed the initial given USSD codes, use the below letters command codes to activate your desire Etisalat Bblite plan;
» For daily plan, SMS DLite to 399, cost N70
» For Weekly plan, SMS WLite to 399, cost N350
» For Monthly plan, SMS MLite to 399, cost  N1000

PC users without an Android device need to exercise patient till we get an independent working method, but for Android users who wish to enjoy Etisalat Bblite tweak on his/her own desktop/laptop computer can simply enjoy it on the PC via Hotspot tethering.

Share/tether Tunnel VPN internet connection via Hotspot to PC or other device is even far better than using SimpleServer, OpenVPN and other computer VPNs, because it will power all your system apps and you can even use it to updates your Windows Operating System.

We have 3 different apps on this blog with the instructions for you to share or tether your Tunnel VPN (Psiphon Handler, Tweakware, Simple Android Server, OpenVPN, TunnelGureu, DroidVPN etc.) connection either your phone is rooted or not.

The Requirements: Android Device, Etisalat Bblite active subscription with the Psiphon Handler or NetifyVpn or Sypon Shield or Tweakware, properly configured, tested and working flawlessly on your Android device. Check out this link for the full configuration:

Now, you are good to go. Hope you guys still remember the way you normally share/tether your Mtn Bblited, music+, bis and Etisalat ChatPak/Social Me tweak? If not, kindly check out this link: Methods To Share/Tether Tunnel VPN Connection From Smartphone To PC And Other Devices

The choice is yours, there are 3 available method in the provided link for you to choose.
No dulling guys, feel free to extend your Etisalat Bblite tweak connection to your PC and other devices. Enjoy the tweak with all means while it last.

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