Sunday, 24 July 2016

How to make Pc detect dead Infinix Note 2 after flashing wrong ROM/Firmware (Test Point)

Lots of people do get confused when trying to flash or upgrade infinix note 2 X600 because of the many variants of ROMs/firmware they are faced with so most times they end up flashing the wrong one. Once this happens, if you are lucky the device will still be able to be detected by PC which in that case you will be able to flash another ROM.

If you noticed that PC can no longer detect the Infinix Note 2 X600 you are trying to flash or upgrade, you will need to use the test point method to make PC able to detect the device again.

On a normal, the test points of most MTK devices is usually joining the two gold points with label KCOLO (KOLO, COLO) & GND you can read more of this from here. There is no KCOLO gold point on  Infinix Hot 2 X600 board so the method from the link above will not work on this device.

Now to get the infinix X600 detected, you will have to do the following below.

Do this at your own risk!

All you need here is just a little hardware knowledge ie how to solder a connecting wire on the board.

First of all you will have to know the right ROM/firmware of the device you want to flash. 
If you are still confused, check on the board as shown on the picture below to determine the one you are supposed to flash. You can now download the ROM from here

After you have downloaded the ROM, use either SP Flash Tool (latest version), Infinix Flash Tool, Wiselink Tool to load the scatter file then click Download Button.
If you are using SP Flash Tool, Select Firmware upgrade.

Now solder the connecting wire on the board as show on the picture below (red square). Also make sure the socket as shown in the image is clipped to the board (It leads to the usb port).
Also make sure battery socket is not connected to board.

After you have soldered the wire and clipped the usb socket on phone board, connect the phone to PC with USB cord.
Now take the other end of the connecting wire and touch and GND (Ground) on the board. When the phone is detected by PC, release the wire from GND point and wait for flashing process to complete

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