Thursday, 7 July 2016

How To Root Galaxy S3 I9300 and Install ClockWorkMod Recovery

Samsung Galaxy S3 is a high tech Smartphone device that runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean or 4.3. In order to update Galaxy S3 through unofficial custom ROMs, device must be rooted and CWM must be installed in it. In this tutorial we will learn to root and install ClockworkMod recovery in Galaxy S3 I9500. It is advised to confirm the correct version of Galaxy S3 before proceeding with the tutorial.
  • Install all the USB drivers for Galaxy S3 in your personal computer.
  • Enable the USB debugging mode by going to Settings and then developer options.
  • Created backup of contacts and text messages.
  • Create backup of Gallery items and other important files.
  • Charge your device
Files required:
Download the above mentioned files and save them on desktop. Extract all of the above files. Install Odin3 in your computer and run the program.

Follow the below given steps to root Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300:

  • Switch off your Galaxy S3 device and reboot in download mode. Press and hold volume down+power+menu button all at the same time until the warning message appears on the screen. Press volume Up button to enter into download mode.
  • Now that your device is in download mode and Odin3 is running, connect Galaxy S3 with computer via USB cable. As soon as device gets connected, ID: COM box on ODIN3 will turn green showing the successful detection of S3.
  • Now click on PDA button on Odin3 and locate the “CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0xx-gti9300” file already downloaded and saved on desktop. Make sure that Re-partition is unchecked while Auto Root and F.Reset is checked.
  • Once everything is configured, click on start button to begin rooting. Device will reboot more than one times during rooting. When root process gets completed, Pass message will appear and ID: COM box will turn green. You may now disconnect Galaxy S3 from computer.
Now that Samsung galaxy S3 has been rooted we can now proceed to install clockworkMod CWM recovery tool in Galaxy S3.
Steps to install ClockworkMod recovery tool in Galaxy S3.
  • Switch off your device again. Restart it in download mode by pressing and holding volume down, power and menu button simultaneously until the warning message appears on the screen. Press volume up button to enter into download mode.
  • Run odin3 on computer and connect S3 through USB cable. When Odin detects Galaxy S3, ID: COM box will turn yellow.
  • Click on PDA button and browse to select “CF-SGS3-CWM-v5.5-v1.2.” file. Make sure that F.Reset and Auto Root options are checked. Re-partiton options must be unchecked.
  • When everything’s done, hit start button to begin installation. When Odin3 installs CWM recovery tool, disconnect the device from computer and reboot your device in normal mode.
  • Galaxy S3 can now be rebooted in CWM recovery mode by turning on by pressing and holding volume up, power and menu button all at the same time.
You have now CWM installed and rooted Galaxy S3 in your hands. Enjoy installing custom ROMs. Do share with us in comments below if you find any difficulty.

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