Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How to use Amlogic Tool to flash or upgrade devices with amlogic chipset

Amlogic Tool is used in flashing/upgrading devices running on Amlogic chips. Its really a simple tool to use. Just follow the steps below and you will flash any Amlogic device that with software issues or upgrade them to the latest OS version.

Download the firmware image file of the device you want to flash or upgrade

Download  Amlogic USB burning Tool from list below (latest version is preferred)

Amlogic USB burning Tool V2.0.5.15

After download, extract the zip file and launch USB Burning Tool.exe

Power off device and connect to PC

Use pin to press down the recovery button on the device then  also press power button

USB burning Tool will detect the device.

Click File and select import image

Navigate to the folder containing the image file of the device you want to flash or upgrade

The tool will analyze the file an show you if it’s OK for flash.

You can now tick flashing configurations (Erase Flash or Reset after success)

Click Start button to start the flashing or updating  process

This process will take several minutes to complete

When its complete, disconnect device and boot

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