Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to fix a totally dead MTK phone; won't come on, charge or show any sign of life

* Note: This procedure is the same for all MTK Android phones (e.g Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, Opsson, Innjoo, TLC, Lead1 etc) but the backup files to be used differ

If you accidentally bricked your MTK phone through whatever means then see:
How to Unbrick / fix a bricked Mediatek phone using wiselink
How to Unbrick / fix a bricked Mediatek phone using sp flashtool

Some people; however, attempt unbricking / fixing their bricked MTK phones using either the wrong procedure or OS files. As a result, their devices get worse. The phones enter into a higher level of unbricking whereby, they don't even boot or charge any more, just dead. Even pressing the power button would have no effect in such a scenario. What has happened is called a corrupted or missing Preloader (preloader.bin).
We wont go into details about the function of the Preloader but one function - which you must've figured out by now - is that it helps make your MTK phone boot. To fix the problem of a Corrupted / missing Preloader, you'll need the following:

Tools needed

* Download SP Flash Tool
* PC
* USB Cord
* If you have access to a working phone of the same model then follow this guide @ how-to-backup-mediatek-stock-roms-with.html to make an MTK backup which should contain Preloader.bin and all other files you'll need
* If you don't have access to a working phone of the same model then download an MTK backup for your phone model @:



* Using SP Flash Tool, flash the preloader.bin first (see SP Flash tool guide @ how-to-flash-mediatek-stock-roms-with Sp flashtool.html ).
* If flashing was successful then your phone should at least be able to vibrate when you press the power button or boot if the correct files are present on your phone; else, flash other necessary files to make the phone boot up and start working normally again. Credits: Team Hovatek

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