Thursday, 6 October 2016

HOw To Get Out, Exit iOS Device Recovery Mode

When You see a image like above on iphone or ipad that mean  iOS device is stuck in Recovery
Mode after iOS update or firmware update, or the home button is pressing down
To exit or fix it you need a tools like iOSBoot Genius, ReiBoot and others. And no data in device will lose.
  Download iOSBoot Genius
Connect iOS device to computer 
Connect iOS device stuck in recovery mode to computer.
Click iOSBoot Genius and run it as administrator.
A message will soon prompt you your device is connected. 
At the same time, "Exit Recovery Mode" button becomes available. So it's time to get iOS device out of recovery mode.
Start to exit Recovery Mode
Click "Exit Recovery Mode" button, as you see in image above and iOSBoot Genius will recognize the connected device in Recovery Mode. And then the device will reboot. After iOS device restarts successfully, it would be already out of Recovery Mode.
So you can see how easy it is to Enter or Exit Recovery Mode with iOSBoot Genius.
Verry easy 

Credit goto developer or this Tool

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