Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How to read phone unlock codes of spreadtum feature phones (basic retro phones)

Download Miracle Box from here
Download and install SPD USB Drivers from here

Launch Miracle Box
Click on SPD tab
Tick ReadInfo
Under choose type, select the chip type of the phone
(most new devices now use SPD6600L/RT/WT6226/6531)
Click Start Button

Now turn off device
Hold boot key on the phone then connect it to PC
Common boot keys of spd feature phones are left softkey, right softkey, center button or the 0 button (some devices may use different) but its always good to test in that order.

When phone is detected, it will read and analyze the data then display the unlock code (process takes about 30 secs)
Boot the device and enter the unlock code shown in Miracle Box software
Sometimes about 3 passcodes are seen just test them one after the other.

If you don't want  to use the current code again, you can easily disable it from settings.

Hope this helps

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