Saturday, 28 January 2017

Download All Samsung ADB Enable Files for Removing FRP Security 2017

How to Remove SAMSUNG FRP via ADB Command

What is FRP?
Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security method that was designed to make sure someone can't just wipe and factory reset your phone if you've lost it or it was stolen. Starting with Android Lollipop, FRP is "standard" in vanilla Android, and most companies making our phones have implemented it in their own models.



How to Remove SAMSUNG FRP via ADB Command

Download ADB Enable Files Below
 this files is .tar file extension so Flash uisng Odin Tool
learn how to flash Samsung .tar file from here
After downloaded, Now yours Mobile ADB Enabled 
You can now RUN the follow Commands through ADB Terminal.

adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/secure --bind name:s:user_setup_complete --bind value:s:1
Note: if this commands Not work for you Try below commands
adb shell am start -n
adb shell am start -n

Congratulation You have Successfully Removed FRP using ADB Terminal . If all commands not working then comment on this post. I will give you any other solution for removing your FRP.

Download All Samsung ADB Enable Files for Removing Security FRP

SAMSUNG Galaxy A3ENABLE_ADB_SAM A310F.tarSM-A310F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy A5ENABLE_ADB_SAM A510F.tarSM-A510F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy A5ENABLE_ADB_SAM A510Y.tarSM-A510Y  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy A7ENABLE_ADB_SAM A710F.tarSM-A710F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy A7ENABLE_ADB_SAM A710Y.tarSM-A710Y  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy A9ENABLE_ADB_SAM A910F.tarSM-A910F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy METROENABLE_ADB_SAM B350E.zipSM-B350E  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy G120FENABLE_ADB_SAM G120F.tarSM-G120F  Download Link  
SAMUSNG Galaxy Xcover 3ENABLE_ADB_SAM G398F.tarSM-G398F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy G510GENABLE_ADB_SAM G510G.tarSM-G510G  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy On7ENABLE_ADB_SAM G600F.tarSM-G600F  Download Link  
Samsung Galaxy S5 NeoENABLE_ADB_SAM G903F.tarSM-G903F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy S6ENABLE_ADB_SAM G920P.tarSM-G920P  Download Link  
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ENABLE_ADB_SAM G928F.tarSM-G928F  Download Link  
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ENABLE_ADB_SAM G928G.tarSM-G928G  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy S7ENABLE_ADB_SAM G930F.tarSM-G930F  Download Link  
Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeENABLE_ADB_SAM G935F.tarSM-G935F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy J1 NxtENABLE_ADB_SAM J105.tarSM-J105  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy J1 MiniENABLE_ADB_SAM J105H.tarSM-J105H  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy J1 (2016)ENABLE_ADB_SAM J120F (2).tarSM-J120F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy J1 (2016)ENABLE_ADB_SAM J120F.tarSM-J120F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy J2ENABLE_ADB_SAM J200H.tarSM-J200H  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy J3 (2016)ENABLE_ADB_SAM J320F.tarSM-J320F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy J3 (2016)ENABLE_ADB_SAM J320P.tarSM-J320P  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy J3 (2016)ENABLE_ADB_SAM J320Y.tarSM-J320Y  Download Link  
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)ENABLE_ADB_SAM J510F.tarSM-J510F  Download Link  
Samsung Galaxy J5 2016ENABLE_ADB_SAM J510H.tarSM-J510H  Download Link  
Samsung Galaxy J7ENABLE_ADB_SAM J700H.tarSM-J700H  Download Link  
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)ENABLE_ADB_SAM J710F.tarSM-J710F  Download Link  
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)ENABLE_ADB_SAM J710G.tarSM-J710G  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 7ENABLE_ADB_SAM N930F.tarSM-N930F  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy Gear FitENABLE_ADB_SAM R350.zipSM-R350  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A (2016)ENABLE_ADB_SAM T580.tarSM-T580  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A (2016) 4GENABLE_ADB_SAM T585.tarSM-T585  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy T677DENABLE_ADB_SAM T677D.tarSM-T677D  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S2ENABLE_ADB_SAM T813.tarSM-T813  Download Link  
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S2 VEENABLE_ADB_SAM T819.tarSM-T819  Download Link  


  1. Hi, on ODIN i should select "AP" to flash this boot.img file, right?

  2. Please Add Samsung On8 J710FN/DF